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Acne Laser/Pulsed Light Treatment

StarLux Acne Laser System

The Starlux Acne Laser System works on active acne by killing the P. acnes bacteria and it works in a separate manner on the sebaceous (oil) glands. The Medilux system is often beneficial to individuals with very resistant acne who have not had success with medications.

This series of treatments consists of four treatments at two week intervals. A maintenance program including a 6-12 month interval treatment and/or medication may be recommended depending on the individual. more information



Our office is located in Kansas City and provides cosmetic & dermatology services such as laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation, acne laser treatment, & vein laser treatment. We want to care for you, and will provide quality care at a very reasonable cost. Our laser services are some of the most competitive and reasonably priced services available in our area.